Top Features of Highster Mobile That Can Increase Productivity in Businesses

Today, the most common challenge faced by every businessman is human resource management and churning out productivity. Monitoring and tracking the activities of employees has become a stressful task.

This article gives a solution that will steal all the worries of a businessman through next generation app called as Highster Mobile. This app can track all your transactions and conversations, so it’s capable of bringing about a revolution in the corporate world. You can do enormous tasks to bring transparency and accountability in your workflow and achieve paramount level productivity.

Let’s have a quick glance at the sort of task you can do using it

1. Browser logs

2. Photo Logs

3. Real time tracking

4. Skype logs

5. Facebook logs

6. Email logs

7. Video logs

8. Call history

So, you can see how a light app can control and manage all your transactions and conversations.

Now let’s peep into the features.

Call History

The app retains the complete call history with all the related details like date and time. The application may be simple, but it holds a respectable position for this feature as the report can be achieved in a plain sailing manner.

Text Message Tracking

The application stores all the details of messages related to sender and receiver like send and receive dates, contact names and even the entire text content. Isn’t it really great!


It’s an eminent tool for iPhones that can help the user to track all the messages on iPhone.

Email Logs

Is your child indulged in email conversations with any stranger or are your employees leaking confidential information? This app can give you the answers.

GPS Target

Now you can track the target handheld on the map through this application. Isn’t it really awesome?

Social Networking Tracker

The application enables the user to track each and every social media activity like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Whatsapp, WeChat, Line and many more. So, you see such a lightweight app can change the way you think and can completely revamp the corporate activities as it enhances the monitoring strategies. Upon its implementation, the workers in your company will become more dedicated and sincere. As a result, you can realize a healthy growth among your employees and also in your turnover. If you really want to do something productive for your organization then simply go for the gadget and see the magic.

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